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What is the need for a Smart Contract Audit?

A Smart Contract Audit helps to understand the concerns of misbehavior, inefficiency, and security flaws to make your project robust. It is essential to protect your blockchain project as errors or vulnerabilities can cause financial damage to your business. Smart contract audit lends an extra pair of eyes to your code and helps fix various issues. 

How do we audit a Smart Contract?

Specification Gathering
We understand the intended behavior and architecture of the project by business documents.
Manual Review
Our expert team looks out for minute details, the behavior of smart contracts, and check for any vulnerabilities such as re-entrance, overflows, denial of service, time manipulation, etc.
Thorough Testing
Smart contracts undergo deployment on an IDE to check for the behavior of functions or gas consumptions. The functions then undergo unit testing while the gas limit of functions is verified.
Automatin & Reporting
The code goes through automated tools, and a comprehensive audit report is prepared to cover the vulnerabilities. After initial fixes, the team repeats the process, delivering the final audit report.

0defect provides a holistic audit for your Ethereum Smart Contract to add an extra security layer to your code.