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Safeguard your smart contracts from malicious actors by getting your Binance Smart Chain smart contract audited by the team of 0defect. Our team performs a comprehensive checkup to help secure your smart contracts from hackers.

A smart contract is a programmable contract with defined rules and agreements between parties that execute after meeting all the conditions. Smart contracts do not rely on third parties but securely enable parties to do business together. 

Binance has a native token BNB, supported by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The identical blockchain supports smart contracts and runs parallel with the Binance chain. As BSC is compatible with EVM, developers can take Ethereum smart contracts and deploy them to BSC. However, conducting a smart contract audit is essential to secure your funds from malicious actors. 

Significance of Binance Smart Chain Audit

0defect’s team analyzes the overall performance of the BSC smart contract to protect your business from losing funds to vulnerabilities. We provide a comprehensive checkup and address all the security concerns of your code. We offer other key benefits such as:

Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract Audit Process

Phase 1
Our experts get in touch with your development team to understand the architecture and overview the project. Phase 1 helps us design a convenient approach for your code after clearly understanding the project.
Phase 2
This phase involves the use of automated tools to perform the qualitative analysis. The use of computerized tools helps to fasten the process with minimum errors.
Phase 3
Our expert team manually performs the qualitative data analysis to ensure there is no code redundancy and cloning.
Phase 4
Our team looks over possible vulnerabilities mentioned in the SWC registry, such as re-entrancy, incorrect behavior order, timestamp dependencies, etc., as the hackers could easily target these vulnerabilities. Hence, it is essential to mitigate the security concerns involved in the code.
Phase 5
The review phase involves providing a compilation of the findings by the auditors, which the developers rectify. The smart contract then goes for a final review to the auditors.

Frequent Smart Contract Attacks

It is essential to immune your smart contract system from future attacks. The SWC registry is a community catalog comprising smart contract vulnerabilities and the solutions to tackle them.

Get your Binance Smart Chain audited by a team of 0defect.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of opting for a Binance smart contract audit?

BSC contract audit helps eliminate the vulnerabilities in the code, which could cost severe damage to the clients. It helps to instill confidence among the investors about the company’s reliability.

What procedure does 0defect follow for auditing Binance Smart Contract?

The team looks for vulnerabilities such as reentrancy attacks, replay attacks, reordering attacks, etc., and follows the Analysis, Evaluation, and Delivery procedure. 0defect follows a proper mechanism to protect your code from malignant actors.

What are the advantages of auditing your BSC smart contract from the team of 0defect?

We possess a strong team of developers and industry auditors to make your smart contracts robust and free from errors. 0defect’s team performs comprehensive auditing of your smart contract and helps to deploy your project on the Binance Smart Chain.