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Secure your DeFi smart contracts from malicious actors by getting your smart contract audited by the team of 0defect. Do not let hackers game your code, protect your code by obtaining an overall code checkup to help fix errors and vulnerabilities present in the code.

Potential Threats to DeFi Projects

Why is the DeFi Smart Contract Audit necessary?

An audit lends an extra pair of eyes to your smart contract code. It is necessary to consult a smart contract auditing firm to fix any issues in the code as:

How does a DeFi Smart Contract Audit work?

Phase 1
The team understands the business logic behind the project and then moves to analyze the code's architecture. The first phase helps gain a clear idea of smart contracts for securely integrating third-party smart contracts and libraries.
Phase 2
The phase involves reviewing the code using automated tools for detecting any back doors, malicious actors, or coding flaws. The experts then test each function on unit test cases and a manual line-by-line review. Further, specific code threats are evaluated, such as race conditions, timestamp dependence, and gas requirements for optimizing the code.
Phase 3
The process ends after delivering the comprehensive report of vulnerability details and scope for improvements for your smart contract code.

DeFi scams are on the rise

Grim Finance is built on the Fantom blockchain and utilizes Solidity as the smart contract language. The hacker manipulated the protocol through a re-entrancy attack (An exploit that allows someone to fake deposits into a vault while an initial transaction is performing). 

MonoX is a new DeFi protocol using a single token design for liquidity pools. The root cause of the attack on the platform is that the swap contract did not work correctly. The hackers took advantage of the price update function and stole the funds.

BadgerDAO confirmed that there was a phishing incident in December when a hacker injected a snippet from Cloudflare. The hacker(s) cleverly tricked the Badger engineers using a compromised API key to inject the malicious code that affected a subset of its customers.

Safeguard your DeFi Smart Contract from malicious actors with the smart contract audit services provided by 0defect.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of opting for a DeFi smart contract audit?

DeFi smart contract audit helps eliminate the vulnerabilities in the code, which could cost severe damage to the clients. It helps to instill confidence among the investors about the company’s reliability. 

What are the various measures used by 0defect to audit the Smart Contract?

Our expert team does a comprehensive checkup of your smart contracts to ensure your funds are safe from potential attacks. 0defect follows a proper mechanism to protect your code from malignant actors.

What can you expect in a report generated after auditing the code?

The audit report consists of bugs and vulnerabilities in the smart contract code. The information may also have the gist about tools used by our experts and suggestions for your code.