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Reduce the risk of compromising your assets by getting your Ethereum Smart Contract Audited by the team of 0defect. Our team provides an extra layer of protection to your code to protect your funds from prying hands.  

A smart contract is a programmable contract with rules and agreements between the buyer and seller that execute after meeting all the conditions. Smart contracts have brought about a revolution by minimizing the entry of malicious actors into the frame. Ethereum has broadened the scope by enabling developers to create and manage smart contracts. However, it is equally essential to conduct an Ethereum smart contract audit to instill a sense of trust among the parties. 

Why is Smart Contract Audit critical?

Smart Contracts are pieces of code that cannot be stopped once executed. It is essential to understand the concerns of misbehavior, inefficiency, and security flaws to make your smart contracts robust. Businesses are extra cautious about smart contracts as money can be stuck in the blockchain network and lost forever.

An audit lends an extra pair of eyes to your smart contract code. It is necessary to consult a smart contract auditing firm to fix any issues in the code. An audit service helps to:

Ethereum Smart Contract Audit Process

Phase 1
Our team understands the smart contract code and analyzes the business logic. It helps to gather information about the behavior and architecture of the code. The process ensures the secure integration of third-party smart contracts and libraries.
Phase 2
0defect’s team reviews the code using automated tools for detecting any back doors, malicious actors, or coding flaws. Each function’s work is tested by running them on unit test cases and then undergoes a manual line-by-line review. The team inspects the code to find threats such as race conditions, timestamp dependence, external calls, transaction-ordering dependence, and denial of service attacks.
Phase 3
After delivering the comprehensive report of vulnerability details and scope for improvements for your smart contract code, the process ends.

Frequent Smart Contract Attacks

It is essential to immune your smart contract system from future attacks. The SWC registry is a community catalog comprising smart contract vulnerabilities and the solutions to tackle them.

ID Title Relationships
Unencrypted Private Data On-Chain
Code With No Effects
Message call with hardcoded gas amount
Hash Collisions With Multiple Variable Length Arguments
Unexpected Ether balance
Presence of unused variables

0defect provides a holistic audit for your Ethereum Smart Contract to add an extra security layer to your code.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of opting for an Ethereum smart contract audit?

Ethereum contract audit helps eliminate the vulnerabilities in the code, which could cost severe damage to the clients. It helps to instill confidence among the investors about the company’s reliability.

What issues can be identified during an Ethereum contract audit?

An Ethereum audit service helps lookout for vulnerabilities, logical, and access control issues. It is essential to protect your code from malignant actors as they can cause severe financial damage to a company.

Which attacks does 0defect’s team investigate during Ethereum smart contract audit?

We focus on several factors such as replay attacks, reentrancy attacks, reordering attacks, short address attacks, and identify overflow and underflow conditions. 0defect focuses on the overall check of the Ethereum smart contract.