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Protect your code from the eyes of malicious actors by getting your Lisk smart contract audited by the team of 0defect. Our experts will perform a comprehensive audit of your smart contract to shield your project from any errors, bugs, or vulnerabilities from the code.

A smart contract is a programmable contract with rules and agreements between the buyer and seller that execute after meeting all the conditions. Smart contracts are pieces of code that work without intermediaries to enable an utterly trustless process. 

Lisk blockchain promotes accessibility to bring more people into the ecosystem. It provides a Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling developers to use Javascript to develop DApps on sidechains. Javascript is a modern language worldwide and requires an extensive audit to facilitate the seamless working of the contract. 0defect’s team follows the specified guidelines to help protect your smart contract from unwanted attacks.

Significance of Lisk Smart Contract Audit

Lisk is at the forefront of making its mark in the cryptic industry, inviting potential hackers. Hence it requires a team of professionals to provide a comprehensive checkup and address all security concerns. 0defect’s team will help protect your code with a smart contract audit by our expert team. 

Lisk Smart Contract Audit Process

Phase 1
Our team understands the logic of the business (or project) to check for any implementation errors. 0defect's team tests the code to check for vulnerabilities and bugs in the smart contract. The experts then use different procedures for auditing the smart contract.
Phase 2
The evaluation involves immense scrutiny of code paired with a manual review to eliminate errors. 0defect's team scans the entire program line-by-line to check for any logical vulnerability. Our team looks over possible vulnerabilities mentioned in the SWC registry, such as re-entrancy, incorrect behavior order, timestamp dependencies, etc., as the hackers could easily target these vulnerabilities. The team further checks the gas requirements of the code to optimize the mechanism.
Phase 3
The procedure to audit the Lisk Smart contract ends up here. It includes a comprehensive report of vulnerability details and scope for improvements provided by the team of 0defect.

Frequent Smart Contract Attacks

Smart contracts are prone to attacks as hackers worldwide try to steal your funds. Hence, it becomes vital to immune your smart contract system from future attacks. The SWC registry is a community catalog comprising smart contract vulnerabilities and the solutions to tackle them.

ID Title Relationships
Message call with hardcoded gas amount
Hash Collisions With Multiple Variable Length Arguments
DoS With Block Gas Limit
Insufficient Gas Griefing
Lack of Proper Signature Verification
Signature Malleability
Integer Overflow and Underflow

Secure your Lisk project from bugs, vulnerabilities, or financial damage by a comprehensive checkup of your smart contract from 0defect.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of opting for a Lisk smart contract audit?

Lisk contract audit helps eliminate the vulnerabilities in the code, which could cost severe damage to the clients. It helps to instill confidence among the investors about the company’s reliability. 

What are the various measures used by 0defect to audit the Lisk Smart Contract?

Our expert team does a comprehensive checkup of your smart contracts to ensure your funds are safe from potential attacks. 0defect follows a proper mechanism to protect your code from malignant actors.

How does 0defect counter the bugs present in the code?

0defect’s team scrutinizes and audits the code in the initial phases of the development. It helps to limit the potential vulnerabilities of the smart contract.