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NFTs have taken the world by storm, making it vital to protect the smart contracts associated with them. Shield your NFTs from financial damage by getting your Smart Contract Audited by the team of 0defect.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are the digital assets that represent real-world collectibles recorded in smart contracts. They represent items of significance such as artwork, music, videos, and many others. 

NFTs are rapidly capturing the market space where the industry is growing multi-fold YoY. NFTs have provided a medium to creators for displaying their creativity sitting from any corner of the world. However, high demand also comes with the responsibility of an extensive audit to facilitate the seamless working of the contract. Our expert team follows a comprehensive approach to protect your NFT smart contracts.

Why should you protect your NFT Smart Contract?

The NFT market has grown tremendously in recent times. People are pouring not just thousands but millions of dollars into buying NFTs. With so many funds flowing into the non-fungible tokens, it becomes essential to eliminate the code’s misbehavior, inefficiency, and security flaws. Hence, you need to consult a professional team for auditing your smart contracts. Some other features of NFT Smart Contract Audit are:

NFT Smart Contract Audit Process

Phase 1
Our team understands the logic of the business (or project) to check for any implementation errors. 0defect's team tests the code to check for vulnerabilities and bugs in the smart contract.
Phase 2
The experts start reviewing the specific details on the virtual asset backing the NFT. The analytical tools check for various factors, including market volume, while our developers perform a code review to pick mistakes and categorize them according to severity. The process helps to eliminate the vulnerabilities present in the code efficiently.
Phase 3
The phase marks the end of the audit service and involves filing a comprehensive report of vulnerability details and scope for improvements provided by the team of 0defect.

Frequent Smart Contract Attacks

NFT smart contracts may pose a lot of errors and vulnerabilities that can badly damage the owner. Hence, it becomes essential to immune your smart contract system from future attacks.

Safeguard your NFT Smart Contract from errors and vulnerabilities by having a comprehensive checkup provided by 0defect.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of opting for an NFT smart contract audit?

NFT smart contract audit helps eliminate the vulnerabilities in the code, which could cost severe damage to the clients. It helps to instill confidence among the investors about the company’s reliability.

Why should you choose 0defect’s audit services?

Our expert team checks for any loopholes present in the code to help you maximize your chances of finding value in the transaction. Also, we check for various errors, vulnerabilities, and issues in the smart contract.

What can you expect in a report generated after auditing the code?

The audit report consists of bugs and vulnerabilities in the smart contract code. The information may also have the gist about tools used by our experts and suggestions for your code.