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Give your smart contracts an extra layer of protection by getting your Polygon Smart Contract Audited by the team of 0defect. We help to protect your project from the financial damage that can be caused by errors and vulnerabilities in the code.

A smart contract is a programmable contract with rules and agreements between the buyer and seller that execute after meeting all the conditions. These pieces of code remove the intermediaries from the picture and enable an utterly trustless process. 

The Polygon Network is compatible with the EVM; developers can deploy Ethereum smart contracts to the Polygon Network. The developers can quickly create or manage the contracts on the Polygon Network. However, conducting a Polygon smart contract audit is essential to secure your funds from malicious actors.

Significance of Polygon Smart Contract Audit

Smart contract audits are essential for any business as they eliminate the code’s misbehavior, inefficiency, and security flaws. The cryptocurrency transactions are prone to vulnerabilities as millions of dollars could be wiped out with just a single code issue. To protect your business, 0defect’s team provides a comprehensive checkup and addresses all the security concerns. Our team offers benefits for Polygon smart contract audit such as:

Polygon Smart Contract Audit Process

Phase 1
The team analyzes the logic behind the Polygon (Matic) smart contract and then performs a security analysis. 0defect's team tests the code to check for vulnerabilities and bugs in the smart contract. The experts then use different procedures for auditing the smart contract.
Phase 2
The process of evaluation involves in-depth code scrutiny of smart contracts and a manual review to resolve the issues in the code. The code gets through different testing grounds such as pen testing, validating the crypto algorithms, and simulating various possible attack vectors. Smart contracts are then tested for the gas requirements that help to strengthen and optimize their mechanism.
Phase 3
After all the detailed processes are completed, the team delivers a comprehensive report of vulnerability details and scope for improvements.

Frequent Smart Contract Attacks

It is essential to immune your smart contract system from future attacks. The SWC registry is a community catalog comprising smart contract vulnerabilities and the solutions to tackle them.

Embrace the power of Blockchain with the smart contract audit services provided by 0defect.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of opting for a Polygon smart contract audit?

Polygon contract audit helps eliminate the vulnerabilities in the code, which could cost severe damage to the clients. It helps to instill confidence among the investors about the company’s reliability. 

What procedure does 0defect follow for auditing Polygon Smart Contract?

The team looks for vulnerabilities such as reentrancy attacks, replay attacks, reordering attacks, etc., and follows the Analysis, Evaluation, and Delivery procedure. 0defect follows a proper mechanism to protect your code from malignant actors.

How does 0defect counter the bugs present in the code?

0defect’s team scrutinizes and audits the code in the initial phases of the development. It helps to limit the potential vulnerabilities of the smart contract.